Hanoi - The workshop "Coordination Board of Enterprises' Activities and VCCI-GDVET Cooperative Program in VET sector" was held on September 19th 2017.

The workshop gathered many leaders and leading experts from General Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (GDVET), Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), National Insitute for Vocational Education and Training (NIVET),  Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry and Norwegian specialists.

The workshop was led by:

- Mr. Cao Van Sam, GDVET's Deputy Director General

- Mr. Vu Xuan Hung, NIVET's Director

- Ms. Tran Thi Lan Anh, Head of Bureau of Employer Activities, VCCI

The workshop aimed to stress role, responsibilities, and efficiency of cooperative work between VCCI and GDVET in promoting a sustainable linkage between enterprises and VET providers and thereby unleashing the potential of the enterprises and creating a more favourable climate for the enterprises in involving in VET sector.

The Deputy Director General of GDVET, Mr. Sam, in his opening speech, emphasized the importance of a VET school-enterprise linkage and the coordination role of VCCI in encouraging enterprises to involve in VET sector. The GDVET-VCCI cooperation program promised to improve VET quality in Vietnam, supply a better workforce to adapt to increasingly high demand for productivity and efficiency of the enterprises, contribute to fulfill the requirements set out by human resources strategy and VET development strategy until 2030. Moreover, such type of linkage also help Vietnam to satisfy the demands of industrialization, modernization, and integration process to boost national competitiveness.


Mr. Cao Van Sam, GDVET's Deputy Director General in his opening speech

In the workshop, Norwegian experts gave their sharings on experiences and the role of social partners in conducting the activities of the Coordination Board at national and local levels to stimulate stronger involvement of the enterprises in VET sector and model of a VET school-enterprise linkage.

Representative from Employer's Association shared experiences

Speaking about the activities of the Coordination Board, Dr. Vu Xuan Hung presented the action plan for VCCI and GDVET as well as social partners in the coming time in order to achieve the proposed objectives.

Dr. Hung presented the action plan of the Coordination Board

The workshop came to fruition with many useful contributions and comments initiated by all representatives to finalize the Draft of Cooperation Program between GDVET and VCCI in strengthening the linkage between VET providers and the enterprises and preparation for an MOU signing ceremony between both sides at the end of September.

The workshop ended up by thanks and appreciation of Mr. Sam towards VCCI, Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, as well as all representatives in the workshop for their dedicated contributions to promote the VET school-enterprise linkage - a cooperative training model believed as the way to elevate VET system into a new level.

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